Wedding Bands: The Complete Guide to Buy the Right One

Wedding Bands: The Complete Guide to Buy the Right One

Without ceremony or with it, be it civil or religious, by the traditional rite or in a more informal wedding, the moment of the exchange of alliances is very special for the couple. The wedding rings symbolize the commitment and lasting love that you have. And that’s why it’s not always easy to choose wedding bands. The following tips are intended to make it easier for couples to choose the rings they will wear for life on their ring finger.

Are there wedding bands of different types?

As a piece of jewelry that they are, wedding rings can be made of very different materials, although the most common ones are Wedding Band Sets for Men And Women. And it is not coincidence. Beyond the comfort of design and personal tastes, it is advisable to choose quality alliances. Only then will they last forever, like the love they represent.

Gold wedding rings

The gold wedding rings are the most classic you can choose for your wedding.

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The quality of the rings will also determine their value. A ring with a matte finish, for example, will lose its appeal if the outer layer deteriorates with the passage of time. The same goes for rhodium-plated gold wedding bands: they will end up losing white color with use. Therefore, it is worth investing in quality alliances.

The quality features that should be taken into account are the brightness, color and carats.

Brightness. The natural finish of gold is brilliant. However, in recent times alliances have become fashionable in white gold with a matte finish, or a combination of matt and gloss. Any option is good, as long as the rings are of quality. If they are scratched with the use, the marks will be more with a matt finish and will have to be polished to restore them, although they will lose the exterior bathroom.

Color. Increasingly, couples are looking for original wedding rings and here the color has a lot to say. In fact, the color of the wedding rings depends on the type of alloy and the percentage of each metal that has been used in its preparation: silver, palladium, platinum, etc. Alliances in rose gold, for example, contain a variable percentage of copper. But there are also white, green, blue or gray gold wedding rings. Although the alliances of white or yellow gold are the highest quality.

Karats. Carat is the unit of weight that is used to determine the purity of a precious metal: the more carats, the higher the metal content in the alloy. However, it is not advisable to buy alliances in 24 k gold, the purest, since gold is a very malleable material, the more the purer. Therefore, these rings tend to deform with use.

Beyond all these details, there are also alternative proposals, such as the favorite wedding rings of the millennia’s; here you can read an article with ideas.

Cuts and designs on wedding rings

Wedding bands can also be distinguished by their design, more specifically by the cut. Thus, there are half-round rings, with the exterior domed; flat, without any bulging and very similar to a ribbon; and almendradas , which bulge both on the inside and outside, although to a lesser degree on the inside.

Wedding capes Twins in gold and diamonds

Wedding rings flat gold twins with twin diamonds

Flat wedding bands of twins in gold and diamonds

Almond wedding bands of gold and diamonds

Almond gold and diamond gold wedding rings

The latter are the most comfortable because they fit better to the finger. And this is not a trivial matter when choosing wedding rings. Of course, it is not advisable that they squeeze too much or be so loose that there is a risk of losing them.

One last detail: the design of the rings can be exactly the same for both members of the pair or slightly different. For example, it is very common for women to opt for designs that are more elaborate than men, in different shades or inlaid with precious stones. In the same way, some prefer to wear a matching ring with the request ring.

Types of gold rings by color

Wedding bands in yellow gold. They are the most classic and do not go out of style. Keeping in mind that they will wear them every day, many couples choose their yellow gold wedding rings, with a simple design that is easy to combine with other jewelry. In terms of quality, it is also usual to opt for 14 or 18 k gold, which is more durable.

White gold wedding bands. It is important to distinguish between gold wedding rings that get their white color thanks to a rhodium bath and those that are that color for their high content of palladium or platinum. If the quality is premium, the first should be avoided and directly choose wedding bands in white gold that do not require maintenance, as the rhodium bath goes with time. In addition, maintenance has a high cost.

Wedding white gold rings

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18 k white gold half-tone wedding band in a smooth and polished finish.

Rose gold wedding rings . In recent times, they have gained many followers, as this color is very romantic and delicate. The hue of the vermeil gold is given by the percentage of copper in the alloy and can go from pink to red. It is also very common in more informal designs that combine gold of different colors.

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A choice both romantic and original for wedding bands: Rose Gold

Silver rings. Silver is a metal as prized as gold, though perhaps not as popular as this among the bride and groom. Actually, there are silver wedding rings of two types: those that are made entirely with this material and those that combine silver with gold or other metals to obtain finishes of different colors. In any case, they are a good option for those looking for wedding bands with somewhat cheaper prices.

Platinum wedding bands. Platinum is a scarce material and not easy to work with, which makes it very expensive. However, it is used in high jewelry because it is also tremendously resistant. For this reason, this metal is very appreciated to make white alliances of high quality. Sometimes, platinum rings also carry gold or titanium to get different finishes.

Platinum wedding rings in a variety of cuts and prices

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Those who look for quality wedding rings at affordable prices, can opt for titanium or steel alliances. Although these materials do not have as much prestige as gold, the truth is that they are a very interesting alternative to white gold. In addition, much more important than the material of the alliances is the symbol of eternal love they represent.

Titanium Bands. Titanium is a hard metal while surprisingly light, so it is very comfortable. If it is not treated, it stands out for its natural shine, although it can be nuanced with different treatments. Mixed with gold, you can also get different shades.

Steel Rings. Lately, steel has found a hole in the making of jewelry. The reason is its extraordinary inalterability and the fact of being one of the metals that offers more versatility of finishes: hammered, diamond, glossy, matt, etc. In addition, since it is used in jewelry, it has been possible to produce much lighter alloys. Even so, steel rings are surprisingly cheap.

The steel alliances, not because they are the cheapest, stop having original and unforgettable design games.

How to choose wedding rings

First of all, when choosing the ring it is advisable to see many models before deciding. In this way, we are less likely to be influenced by fashions, both in designs and in materials. The couple must choose taking into account their style preferences and thus will not get bored of the ring at once. If necessary, you can buy slightly different models in terms of color or finish.

It is also important to consider the size of the hand. A very large ring in a small hand is excessive, and it can be uncomfortable. On the contrary, a very thin alliance in a large hand is hardly appreciated. Once again, we must assess the possibility of buying joint alliances instead of identical models.

One last tip When choosing the measurements of the rings , we must ensure that the hands are not cold, nor swollen. If not, there is a risk that the rings may be too tight or come off easily. If you are going to buy online rings, sellers always offer the ease of sending your ring measurements by phone or email.

Where to buy wedding rings

Nowadays, you can buy wedding rings practically in any jewelry store. There are also many websites that sell online alliances. Midwest jewellery where it offers all kinds of alliances. But, without a doubt Amazon is one of the best places to buy wedding rings, both for the variety of its offer and for having the most affordable proposals. In addition, it offers a wide variety of cushions for wedding rings and other accessories for bridal ceremonies.

How much do marriage rings cost?

First, the price of wedding bands depends on the materials they use. The rings can be made in a wide variety of metals, from the exclusive platinum to titanium or steel, two metals of great quality but much more affordable.

Also, if it is only a metal bath, the price is also reduced. This is the case of rhodium-plated rings, much cheaper compared to white gold rings. Although the price of these will also vary depending on the alloy that they incorporate.

On the other hand, there are gold alliances of various prices according to the degree of purity of this, being the most expensive 24 carat gold . In the same way, if the rings incorporate precious stones , their cost increases, although the final price also depends on the type of setting. On the contrary, cheap gold rings are usually made of less noble materials and be plated with gold, which may be of higher or lower quality.

Finally, the price of the ring must be added the cost of recording it. Most couples want to record inside the link date, the name of the loved one or a phrase with a special meaning for both.

We trust that these tips have helped you in the choice of your wedding bands. Do not forget to tell us what you think about the article and what factors you have taken into account when choosing your rings. Surely other couples also like to know.