Selecting Necklace as per the Neckline

Selecting Necklace as per the Neckline

Do you have a necklace that you purchased with great hard work however it simply doesn’t look good with any outfit? Don’t blame yourself for not buying the right necklace, after all, there’s some logic behind why your jewellery looks to be a ‘misfit’. The explanation is that you simply didn’t truly combine it right with the correct neck.


In a perfect world, a V-shaped necklace would do wonders and compliment the V-neckline of your dress would fit significantly. Select smooth metallic tones that go well with pretty much any outfit.

Scoop neck

You can pair scoop neck outfits with both short and long necklaces. Just make sure the length of the necklace does not hit right below your bust line.

Halter neck

Wear a choker necklace if it is a high-neck halter dress or blouse. It will improve your décolletage and make you look slim.

Boat neck

Whether ethic or traditional, long beaded necklace look good your boat necks like none other. You can likewise go for multi-stranded medium length neck pieces to have an effect.


Select a short pendants or choker necklaces, and leave your lovely décolletage bare when going strapless.